Managing Leadership Anxiety Team Edition (DOWNLOAD) by Steve Cuss

Managing Leadership Anxiety Team Edition (DOWNLOAD)

What Do I Get?

This collection guides you to take the book and engage deeper with a group by facilitating discussion and helping you create and lead the tools yourself. 

- 10 Videos, 1 for each chapter, for your team to view. 
- Each video picks up where the chapter leaves off to help your team interact with the tools. 
- 3 Videos for a team leader. Videos on group dynamics, how to facilitate someone's genogram and verbatim, themes to look for etc. 
- PDF guide for all 12 sessions including scriptures and prayers, what to look for, the goal of every session. 
- Videos are downloadable only, NOT viewable online.
- All Templates and PDFs to download for Mac and PC.  
- Videos cover: diagnosing triggers, Internal and relational sources of anxiety, how to harness systems theory for change, how to make a genogram and write a verbatim.
- Templates and PDFs for verbatims, genogram key, life giving list, workload scrub and session outlines. 

- This package is designed for a group to go in depth into the materials from the book in 12 sessions. Each group member will make and present a genogram and also a verbatim. 

- Everything is downloadable, so you will have the video files on your device to play at all times. 

What's included

Video Icon 13 videos File Icon 9 files


1 The Anxiety Gap.m4v
18 mins
2 Anxiety and the Gospel.m4v
30 mins
3 Sources of Internal Anxiety.m4v
27 mins
4 Idols and Vows.m4v
24 mins
5 Sources of Relational Anxiety.m4v
17 mins
6 Systems Theory in Leadership.m4v
42 mins
7 Tools To Diffuse Anxiety.m4v
23 mins
8 How to Make a Genogram.m4v
17 mins
9 Verbatims.m4v
19 mins
10 A Deeper Capacity and a Wider Scope.m4v
14 mins
Facilitator Guidelines.m4v
17 mins
Facilitator Guide.pdf
381 KB
Facilitating a Verbatim.m4v
23 mins
Facilitating a Genogram.m4v
21 mins
Life Giving List.numbers
114 KB
Life Giving List.xlsx
7.57 KB
Verbatim Template.docx
12.5 KB
Verbatim Template.pages
768 KB
Workload Scrub.numbers
138 KB
Genogram_infographic (PRINT LEGAL SIZE).pdf
1.22 MB
Workload Scrub.xlsx
8.4 KB
3.22 MB