Genogram Videos and Tools by Steve Cuss

Genogram Videos and Tools


2 Videos and 2 PDFS.

- Video 1: a step by step video guiding you on how to construct a genogram. Includes tips on using common office supplies to save hours on genogram construction. 
- Video 2: how to facilitate someone else's genogram. What to look for, themes, questions to ask etc. 

- PDF 1: A genogram key to correctly code your genogram

- PDF 2: a set of questions any group member can ask a genogram presenter to help get more out of a genogram. 

- These videos and PDFs are part of the Team Edition. Only purchase these if you want a single resource. 

What's included?

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How to Construct a Genogram Video
17 mins
How to Facilitate a Genogram Video
21 mins
Genogram_infographic (PRINT LEGAL SIZE).pdf
1.22 MB
Genogram Facilitation Guide.pdf
243 KB
Genogram Questions.pdf
236 KB