How to Construct A Genogram by Steve Cuss

How to Construct A Genogram


A step by step video guiding you on how to construct a genogram. Also includes PDF genogram key for easy construction. Several key tips in the video will save you hours. 

Included in the video:

- What a Genogram is, how to prepare to construct one. 
- How to use some common office supplies to save hours of re-do and re-adjustment
- How to correctly lay out and label a genogram.
- A simplified PDF key to quickly get to the heart of relational patterns and conditions. 

- This video is part of the Participant Pack and also the Group Bundle. Only purchase this if you're wanting a single resource. 

What's included?

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How to Construct a Genogram.m4v
17 mins
Genogram_infographic (PRINT LEGAL SIZE).pdf
1.22 MB