Managing Leadership Anxiety Resources

Videos, PDFs and Templates.

You can name and overcome internal triggers, 
stuck patterns and sources of anxiety 
in you and those you lead. 
Steve Cuss prepares us to unlock our leadership potential in profound ways in Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs. He diagnoses huge pitfalls and challenges and shows us how to lead well in the face of unknowns. 
Jud and Lori Wilhite
I have seen the power of genograms and differentiation in my own life. Steve takes these and many other tools to help us enter the world of noticing and moving through internal anxiety and group dynamics. 
Jay Pathak

Most of us are in anxiety's grip, but unaware of the squeeze.

All of us carry more pressure than we realize and it can take a serious toll. Exhaustion and burnout have more to do with anxiety than workload. The problem isn't 'too much to do' it is tension, pressure, relational strain and what you are carrying under the surface. 

But what if you had a way to break free from recurring patterns in yourself and your team? What if you could experience a deeper level of peace and freedom in your life and leadership? What if you could get a grip on what has a grip on you and those you lead?

I first learned these essential tools while serving as a chaplain in a trauma hospital. I walked into rooms of extreme anxiety and I helped people in the worst moments of their lives. I learned to notice my own reactivity in order to help them. I also learned how Family Systems Theory can help any group break free of toxic patterns. For over twenty years I have been teaching people of all ages ands backgrounds how to tune into what is happening under the surface in you and those you lead.

These tools can help you break free of long term patterns, diagnose team health issues and encounter God at a deeper level.
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Managing Leadership Anxiety Team Edition (DOWNLOAD)

- 10 Videos, 1 for each chapter. 
- 3 Videos for a facilitator.
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Managing Leadership Anxiety Team Edition (STREAMING)

- 10 Videos, 1 for each chapter. 
- 3 Videos for a facilitator.
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Genogram Videos and Tools

-2 DOWNLOADABLE videos: how to construct and how to facilitate a genogram. 
- Genogram Key and Questions. 

Verbatim Videos and Tools

- 2 DOWNLOADABLE videos: how to write and how to facilitate a verbatim. 
- Templates and leader question guide. 

Getting From Stuck To Unstuck Using Systems Theory

- Family Systems Primer. 
- Lesson on how to lead Second Order Change and how to use differentiation. 

Genogram Key and Questions

- PDF of all symbols and color codes needed. 
- List of helpful questions to help a presenter reflect.

Managing Leadership Anxiety Participant Bundle

Workload Scrub Template

A simple template to help you clarify all that is on your plate, what you can stop doing, what you can raise someone else up to do. 

Life Giving List

A simple spreadsheet for MAC or PC that helps you clarify what people, places and activities make you feel human and alive. 


  • Learn about the acute vs chronic anxiety and why your body doesn't know the difference.  
  • Identify where anxiety begins for you and how to intervene early.  
  • Identify the 20 universal sources of anxiety that are common to us all. 
  • Identify your own unique anxiety triggers and how to flip the power dynamic.  
  • Discover what vows have you bound and what idols you live for.
  • Learn how anxiety competes for the space in which God resides in our awareness.  
  • Tools to help you turn anxiety from a threat to an asset. 
  • Learn how to construct a genogram to see how your family generational traits impact your leadership.  
  • Templates to help you access life giving experiences and bring immediate relief from pressure.   
  • Instructions to create a verbatim and learn how you show up when you are under pressure or exhausted.  

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  • Tools to pay attention to contagious group anxiety.  
  • Learn how to bring Family Systems Theory into your team.  
  • Discover why 'second order change' and 'differentiation' can break long standing problems and triggers.  
  • Learn how to pay as much attention to process as you do content in any meeting.
  • Learn to notice recurring, predicable patterns and how to reverse them (ie, who always speaks first, who has the 'meeting after the meeting' etc.)  
  • Bonus videos and PDF guide for leaders wanting to facilitate a group through this material.  

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Not only will we become less anxious, we’ll become more whole, hopeful and fruitful. We’ll have a restored vision for how God is shaping and using us, limited and broken though we may be. A much-needed resource for the church in these anxious times.
Mandy Smith


Can I go through the book videos without reading the book?

The video collections only work alongside the book. It is available in print, digital or audible versions and you can purchase it here.  

Help! I need the book now.

You were born in the right era. You can get instant access through Kindle or Audible right now. 

Why choose streaming?

Streaming is like Netflix. The videos are online and you need internet to watch, but you can watch anytime as often as you like. 

Why choose download?

This is best for larger groups. You get the actual (large!) files and can share them easier and you do not need internet to access them.

Can I share the downloads once I buy them?

The downloadable videos and PDFs are all protected by copyright. You may only share them within your organization. 

I am a practictioner, what are my options?

I offer videos and PDFs covering genograms, verbatims and Systems Theory tools that are useful to therapists, grad students and chaplains.

Can I show a video to a paying audience?

You will need to contact me for a licensing fee to broadcast any videos to a paying audience (such as a graduate school class.) 

What do the videos offer that the book doesn't?

The videos have some new content, but mostly they give a step by step guide for a group to engage the book tools together. For example, the videos cover more depth on genogram construction etc. 

Book + Videos + Discussion = Deeper Transformation.

- 10 Participant Videos.
- 3 Facilitator Videos.
- PDFs and Templates. 
- Purchase book HERE or wherever you buy books.
(Audible and MP3 CD available too.) 
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About Me

I love leaders, and I see how much pressure they carry. My particular concern is to bring relief by equipping them with tools for individual and team health. I especially enjoy helping leaders break long stuck patterns in themselves and their organizations. 

I cut my teeth on leadership anxiety when I served as a chaplain at a level one trauma hospital. The hospital sent us into every conceivable human experience and we had nothing but our wits and the presence of God to get us through. In that baptism of fire, I learned how to pay attention to what was going on under the surface of my own life, and also the dynamics between family members. I was steeped in family systems theory and then later studied cybernetics in graduate school. My unique experience and training  deepened my leadership capacity to manage anxiety and notice it in groups. 

I have sixteen hundred hours of supervised ministry in Clinical Pastoral Education. I hold a Master of Divinity from Emmanuel Christian Seminary where I focused on Hebrew Scriptures and Family Systems.